NDIS Psychologist Cairns

 Cairns Family Therapy delivers therapuetic reccomendations and supports to the community under Core supports and Capacity Building for NDIS Participants.

CB DAILY ACTIVITY (also called IMPROVED DAILY LIVING SKILLS): is used for therapy, but also includes assessment, training and strategy development (including Early Childhood Intervention).

Supports assist the development of or increase a participant’s skills and/or capacity for independence and community participation.

Supports can be delivered to individuals or groups.

NDIS Psychologists Cairns work to support and guide people and their families, striving for positive change

They work with participants and their families to achieve clear strategies and goal-directed interventions based on best practises.

As people journey through their lives, there are usually a few bumps along the way. Most of these we can take in our stride, however, there are times where we may need some support to be able to live the best lives that we can.

When this happens, it is always useful to reach out and talk to someone so we can get back on track and improve our quality of life.

NDIS psychology can be broad. Our psychologists have experience helping individuals (adults and children), families, and their supports to:

  • Understand their diagnoses and disabilities.
  • Manage feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and/or depression.
  • Build emotional insight and regulations strategies.
  • Construct in behavioural management strategies for children.
  • Cope with grief, loss, crisis situations and/or trauma.
  • Improve relationships and social skills.
  • Set goals, improve confidence and motivation.
  • Recover from drug and/or alcohol issues.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to manage difficult situations.
  • Support participants in reaching their personal and NDIS goals.

Early Childhood Intervention Provider’s

Cairns Family Therapy can also deliver early Childhood Intervention to help the little one’s in our community get off to thier best start !

NDIS Plan Revision

We can also assist participants to support ongoing further therapuetic supports for the purpose of enahanced daily living, increased self-esteem and confidence in line with your plan goals.