ADHD Practical Strategies and ongoing support


So you have a diagnosis, what’s next?

Managing challenges that come with ADHD and ongoing support is critical for self-esteem and confidence. 

ADHD’ers often report that they struggle to “fit in”, they are not the “same as everyone else”, they “think differently” and everyone wants them to “change and not be who they are”.

Take the time to read that again and process it ……

Imagine being told that you need to change every single day.

Research tells us that a child with ADHD has received 20,000 more negative comments by the time they are 18, compared to nuerotypical child.

Too often ADHD’ers are given advice to work against thier ADHD, which consequently results in;

  • Behaviour Issues
  • Poor Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Issues with friendships & social interactions
  • School Refusal
  • Chaos at home

Supporting children to work “with” ADHD is much more effective and results in a happier well adjusted child.

Receiving a diagnosis is one thing, but educating parents and children on how to manage and adapt to the challenges is key to success …..


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